Look Endless tides (cream) wrap and Satin Bow n°231 (M)


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Elizabeth Olwen

Endless tides wrapping paper

This pattern is inspired by the ocean, it’s magnificent waves and currents. This wrapping paper intends to add a bit of poetry to our lives. Elizabeth marvellously gives her own modern interpretation of Katsushika Hokusai’s work with a never-ending wave calling for peace and contemplation.

Also available in blue and pink.

In this KIT: 1 WRAP + 1 ready-to-use BOW

Endless Tides Wrap

60x86cm (maxi large sheet, rolled)


483 in stock

Bright Purple Satin Bow n°231

Ready-to-use 10x2.5cm (M)


11 in stock

Elizabeth Olwen

Elizabeth Olwen

Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto-based surface designer. Inspired by the world around her—from her city, to the beautiful forests of Ontario, to her cherished adventures abroad — her work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step she takes.

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WEIGHT                   115 g /m2

DIMENSIONS        60x86cm (maxi large sheet, rolled)

PAPER                       Cyclus – 100% recycled

INK                             PANTONE metallic + Offset quadri full color, UV drying process, Double-sided

ORIGIN                     From Angers, France


Lovingly designed from all over the world and packaged by hand by our little fairies in Angers, France.

Our IMPRESSION ORIGINALE wrapping papers and ribbons are perfect not only for wrapping but for drawer liners, and craft projects. Be inspired and creative, that’s the way it should be!

“Love what you do, spread the love…” 


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