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High Quality

Exclusive level of quality, made in France

Exclusive level of quality, made in France

Direct Impact

Our Artists owns royalties on each wrap sale

Our Artists owns royalties for each wrap

Each wrap is signed

Our artists come from all over the world (for real)

All our wonderful artists sign their wraps

100% recycled


Wraps are printed on 100% recycled paper

XL size sheet

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All our beautiful wraps are 60x86cm

Perfect Cut

ior-0022eols1c2016 Blue Bells Miniature BACK WRAP

Double-sided print with a grid to get that perfect cut



WE  CARE     We only use 100% recycled paper
WE  SHARE     Our Artists receive a percentage on each sale of their wrapping paper

Our Wrapping Papers are designed from all over the world

Each of our design begins with an instant crush for an illustration. We constantly hunt for great new designs and when we see one we like, we reach out to the designer. This way we

end up connecting with amazing artists from all over the world. Once we agree on a design, we put all our efforts to bring it to life on our beautiful papers and we match each design with the most exquisite couture ribbons.



We use only high quality 100% recycled papers

Proudly made in France

Our products are sourced from companies we feel good about supporting, who manufacture locally in France with top quality supplies.

Every steps count

We try to minimise our carbon footprint by relying on local producers and optimising the shipping process. Our products are shipped with minimal, yet beautiful packaging, all recycled and recyclable.

A typical parcel from IMPRESSION ORIGINALE comprises:

  • Maxi sheets of gift-wrap (60x82cm) delicately rolled and protected in silk paper
  • Neatly folded ribbons (2.5m per ribbon) pinned with a tag
  • Complimentary stickers with our logo to add the final touch to your gift
  • A grey expedition tube, water resistant, reusable or recyclable


Our Company was built on a strong belief that we can do good business based on a true social commitment

We care for our Artists 

Each of the artists commissioned will receive a percentage of profits from your purchase. We hope to promote the work of our artists and make sure to provide them with a fair financial remuneration on top of good visibility.

Everybody is welcome

In addition to this, in cooperation with our suppliers and whenever possible, we give priority to employing disabled personnel.

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