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Our gift boxes are designed to please. Available in 3 sizes. Easy to build yourself they are a treat for the eyes.

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A pretty gift box is already the promise of an extraordinary gift. The gift box, like a case, covers a precious thing to discover. Impression Originale offers hand-prepared gift boxes for online sale to wrap your most beautiful gifts, always perfect.

Impression Originale designed their gift boxes to meet the demands of those most timid or simply in a rush but always in the search of the perfect look. With Impression Originale gift boxes you do not need to master the know-how of luxury gift wrapping. You can simply buy online the designed gift box and select a ready-made bow for an unforgettable result. If you are a DIY aficionado for gift wrapping, you can learn how to make gift wraps and stunning bows yourself with our step-by-step video tutorials.

A gift box is for Impression Originale the guarantee of a smart luxury gift package, always absolutely impeccable. The gift box’s paper is thick and textured for a neat finish. You can buy the gift box of your choice online to compliment the gift of your dreams.

Let’s talk about gift boxes

We have listed below the main type of gift boxes we have come across. Here is a start of the map to navigate the very precise world of pretty gift boxes.

The bell gift box: the bell box has a base on which a lid is placed. The height of the height of the edge of the cover may vary. This is the most popular box used for shoebox. Box shapes may vary in size and height.

The shoulder gift box: the shoulder box is a variation of the bell base. It also has a lid that closes the box. However, the edge of the lid comes in symmetry with the base of the box. The “shoulder” is actually the gap left between the two upper and lower edges. The shoulder can vary in size and depth for stylistic effects. The shoulder gift box is very common among jewelers.

The magnetic gift box or hinged flap lid: the magnetic box consists of a single piece (which may or may not be flattened) which is magnetized on one of the edges of the box. The magnet gift box opens like an envelope upwards. It has only one ledge, the one that comes to magnetize at the base. This format is less widespread but is found in large luxury houses.

The drawer gift box: the drawer gift box consists of a base that slides into a scabbard. The two elements are entirely separate. It can be rigid or flexible. The most popular example is the matchbox.

Impression Originale has chosen the drawer gift box with a sheath to facilitate mailings (flat). Once mounted, the gift box has very good rigidity due to the high grammage paper of the sheath (350g). The design of the drawer gift box has been thought through to simplify assembly for a perfect result.

> Follow our tutorials to learn how to assemble your gift box in 3 easy steps

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