Aiko Fukawa

Aiko Fukawa is an illustrator and designer at “AI” which is a brand dealing with paper items in Japan. She graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Design in 2005. She works on a global scale on advertisements, book drawing, stationery, magazines, picture books.

She published a book, called “HOLIDAY by Aiko Fujikawa ART WORKS” (Genkansha) and a coloring book “Four Seasons” (graphic company).

What is your source(s) of inspiration, what moves you?

I get inspired from my ordinal life, everything I see. Especially animals and plants, scenery, and music. I try to shape on paper what I see in my head.

What is the most amazing present you ever received?

When I was a child, Santa Claus gave me stuffed dolls that were lined up in my room.

Do you work at night or during the day?

Mostly during the day, sometimes at night.

The artist you crave for (at the moment)
Your favorite museum, your favorite drink
If I say « paper » what is first coming to your mind?

Drawing paper.

Mention a quote you feel is creatively inspiring

“God is in the details.”

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

I think I would some kind of job to make things. Craftsmen who make pastries or folk crafts?

Topics and causes that matter to you?

Picture books.

I am working on several picture books now. Surely I will stop by a picture book corner whenever I go to a bookstore.

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