Prerna Gupta

Prerna Gupta is a botanical artist from India who is not afraid to get down in the dirt to find nature’s littlest treasures. Through her work, Prerna strives to inhabit that space where art and science meet, where aesthetic beauty and knowledge combine. Art as a calling came to her much later in life and now she cannot imagine not living a creative life.

Prerna lives and works on a peaceful and quiet university campus in the North of India, giving her many opportunities to explore and experience the biodiversity of this tropical country. Outside of her day job working with students in higher technical education, and the time spent in creating art, she loves to take long walks and read books. Her latest interest is gardening, despite the fact that her plants seem to be dying off faster than she can blink!

What is your source(s) of inspiration, what moves you?

Nature, and especially the little, subdued wonders in it.

What is the most amazing present you ever received?

Time from my loved ones.

Do you work at night or during the day?

I love working very early in the morning when it is quiet and the day ahead feels full of possibilities.

The artist you crave for (at the moment)

At the moment, I am crushing over the work of Dianne Sutherland.

Your favorite museum, your favorite drink

The Van Gogh Museum. Vodka and orange juice with a pinch of black salt.

If I say « paper » what is first coming to your mind?

Trees 🙂

Mention a quote you feel is creatively inspiring

I read somewhere that “you can’t wait for inspiration; instead you have to go after it”. Really helps me get out of those famous “creative ruts”.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

Being a botanist sounds fun at the moment.

Topics and causes that matter to you?

Nature education for young children (and adults). It changes how one sees and lives in this world.

Prerna GUPTA


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