Quentin Monge

Quentin Monge grew up on a beach in south of France where he started drawing in the sand simple silhouettes. He now lives and works in Paris, where summer vibes of his childhood by the sea keeps haunting his colourful work for the pleasure of our eyes. It’s through his minimalist characters and beautifully composed patterns that Quentin captures a world of bikini-clad women riding crocodiles, people surfing harmoniously with sharks, or gardens of crisp and juicy watermelon.

When Quentin is not cutting paper, eating blue cheese, or getting lost in Paris walking his dog, he creates digital illustrations for editorial to advertising for a various range of clients.

What is your source(s) of inspiration, what moves you?

The nature, and the human nature.

Your favorite museum, your favorite drink

Guggenheim Bilbao & water.

Do you work at night or during the day?

Both. I think during the day, and I am most creative at night.

The artist you crave for (at the moment)
What is the most amazing present you ever received?

When I was a child, I was regularly offered a large sketchbook and new felt pen. Each time, it meant long hours of pure fun!

If I say « paper » what is first coming to your mind?


Mention a quote you feel is creatively inspiring

“The doors of Paradise are open for those who know how to push” – Coluche.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?


Topics and causes that matter to you?

Nature, men and animals.

Quentin Monge



New York Times, Airbnb, Barclays, Glamour, Time Out, Modus magazine, Weapon of Reasons, Elderbrook Drinks…


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