Impression Originale selects the best scissors to cut gift wrap and ribbons. Choose the pair you like best, for the rest, we assure you, they cut effortlessly.

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The tools that makes the maker

Scissors are central in the preparation of gifts. They are the only essential tool to cut the gift wrapping paper and ribbon for impeccable gift packages. Each year Impression Originale selects the best scissors to support your creative and DIY workshops. You can buy online scissors that are as precise as they are designed. The criteria is twofold: the object must be beautiful and functional. We therefore lend the scissors to diligent use testing. Only those which give the best results are selected. So you will have the pleasure of being able to slide the paper between your blades and hear it slide on the gift wrap in a continuous and perfectly straight movement. Remember that the first essential step in making beautiful gifts is a perfect cut.

Scissors Anatomy

Let’s start with the definition of scissors / a pair of scissors: Instrument used to cut, composed of two movable metal branches (often called blades) around a pivot, sharp over part of their length and terminated, at opposite ends, by a ring. We find scissors as an essential tool for many professions: embroidery scissors, surgeon, seamstress, lacemaker, gardener, tailor, hairdresser …

The great History of Scissors

Objects that resemble our current scissor design have been found dating back over 2,000 years to the Roman Empire. Their use seems common as a tool according to archeological discoveries in Asia and in Europe dating back to the IX century. Legend has it that it was Leonardo da Vinci in the XV century who optimized the design we use today. Mass production was made possible by the use of a steel mold. His process is attributed to the British cutler Robert Hinchliffe in 1791 who developed what we now refer to as precision scissors. It took almost a century for a Frenchman in 1880 to develop the first pair of left-handed scissors.

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