Burgundy Striped Ribbon n°209 (XS)



Width           8 mm
Length         2,5 m
Best              small gift


This delicate burgundy see-through striped Ribbon embellishes with supreme refinement. An elaborated bow with tiny loops suits best the subtle nature of this ribbon.

We recommend the see-through striped Ribbon with the wrapping papers below in section “you may also like”.

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Lovingly matched with the recommended wrapping paper, each ribbon is packaged by hand by our little fairies in Angers, France. The ribbons all come in a standard size of 2.5m, which is perfect for a large bow even for a very large parcel. Our wrapping paper and ribbons are perfect not only for wrapping but for drawer liners, and craft projects. Be inspired and creative, that’s the way it should be!                                          “Love what you do, spread the love with beautiful bows”

WEIGHT                  3.2 g
DIMENSIONS        2.5 m
MATERIAL             PES
COLOR                     Burgundy
ORIGIN                    France

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