Dark Green Velvet Tuxedo Bow n°228 (L)



Width           5 cm
Length         12 cm
Best with     medium gift


This large velvet Tuxedo Bow, with its exquisite couture look, warmly ornaments beautifully wrapped gifts. Simply add the ready-to-use bow for a stunning couture effect using the double-sided adhesive dot included – as easy as it gets.

We recommend pairing this Dark Green Velvet Tuxedo Bow with Perfect Birthday Party and Behind the Frame wrapping papers.

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Lovingly paired with our most recommended wrapping papers, each bow is made by hand in the medieval town of Angers, France. Our bows are ready-to-use for an instantly striking effect. Simply apply them to our wraps, either as a standalone element or by attaching them to on of our custom ribbons. Be inspired to create the gift you imagine – that’s the way it should be!

                                                   “Love what you do, spread the love with beautiful bows”

WEIGHT           30 g
MATERIAL      Velvet
COLOR               Dark Green
ORIGIN              France

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