Kim Heegyum

Kim Heegyum is a daytime graphic designer and night-time doodler. She started drawing from the time she can remember. When she’s not drawing, she’s busy to take her little corgi out or cooking something in the kitchen. She currently lives in New York but is originally from South Korea.

What is your source(s) of inspiration, what moves you?

Almost of everything of my everyday life. Conversations, my dog, food.. It’s always full of stories.

What is the most amazing present you ever received?

My dad gave me a fountain pen when I was probably 12 or 13. I still remember it because I felt like he considered me as a “grown-up”.

Do you work at night or during the day?

Mostly at night as I work full time during the day.

The artist you crave for (at the moment)

Mattias Adolfsson. Instagram @mattiasink

Your favorite museum, your favorite drink

National History Museum, coffee.

If I say « paper » what is first coming to your mind?

Watercolor, automatically.

Mention a quote you feel is creatively inspiring

No idea!

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

I would be a chef.

Topics and causes that matter to you?

Animal, dog rescue shelter.




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