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Workshop: Cut & Fold 1024 683 Mathilde Habert

Workshop: Cut & Fold

<>Living in a paper world
from Toledo (Spain)
IMPRESSION ORIGINALE summer miniature en paper art sur fond bleu marine

Nice to meet you Elsa. Who are you?

I am originally from Vendée (France). I always remember creating objects, jewelry, weavings with my hands … Without realizing it, paper as been a central part throughout my design studies. First at l’Ecole Boulle, then during my Architecture studies. It was the perfect material to make research models, both economical and offering endless possibilities of shapes and textures depending on its folding or assembly. It still fascinates me today! In 2015, as an interior designer, I started making paper lights inspired by the origami folding technique to meet my ever-present need to create with my own hands.

Cut & Fold was born!  Today I keep exploring the possibilities of 3D paper for showcases, event decorations and objects to brighten up our interiors. My work oscillates between the clean lines of geometric volumes created by the folding of paper and more figurative creations inspired by nature. I love playing with the scales of the objects I create and using colored papers or with pretty patterns … in short, I am not ready to tire of this material so simple but so versatile!

Do you like Christmas?

I love Christmas, or rather all the preparation time leading up to it and getting the excitement up to D-Day! Preparing the house, wrapping the gifts, bake Christmas cookies… All this building excitement to finally arrive at the unwrapping of gifts and long family meals!

What is the craziest gift you received at Christmas?

The most unexpected, but no less useful: An electric drill! It stood out in the middle of the more classic gifts under the tree 😉

And the craziest gift you offered?

I especially remember the first time I was able to give a present as a child after discovering that -SPOILER ALERT- Santa Claus did not exist. Far from being sad, I was all excited and happy when my dad took me on my first “Santa’s expedition” to help him choose a piece of jewelry for my mom.

Meet Elsa


“I only share my first name (Elsa) with the Snow Queen. But if I could be an element I would be Fire.”

IMPRESSION ORIGINALE citron déconstruit en paper art sur fond bleu
IMPRESSION ORIGINALE citron entre les doigts paper art sur fond bleu
IMPRESSION ORIGINALE fleur de citronnier paper art sur fond bleu
IMPRESSION ORIGINALE citronnade et fleurs de citronnier en paper art sur fond bleu

If you had to make just one Christmas paper creation, what would it be?

Without hesitation, an advent calendar! It is the essential object to wait for Christmas while decorating our interiors. Who does not dream of a pine forest to hide sweets, or a collection of small houses to light up each evening to recreate an entire village on December 24? I do.

IMPRESSION ORIGINALE Calendrier de l'avent par Cut and fold

What's your favorite Christmas series / movie?

The Harry Potter saga, perfect for young and old, to stay warm under a blanket.

IMPRESSION ORIGINALE forêt de sapin en paper art présentés sur un bras

What does the Christmas atmosphere inspire you? Are you more chalet in the mountain, Raclette and Firewood or Disneyland, Candy and Cartoon?

For me Christmas has always been an inspiring and ultra-creative period, everything is an excuse to “create”: a walk in the forest to collect holly branches and make a beautiful wreath, an afternoon of creative leisure to decorate the tree, or an evening to cook and bake with my family… And from a professional point of view it is THE time of the year when the most beautiful shop windows come to life, the magic of Christmas allows the craziest creations, it is so inspiring!

IMPRESSION ORIGINALE oiseau branche de gui en paper art présenté sur la main

You currently live in Toledo: tell us about your Spanish Christmas?

In Spain the Christmas show is stolen by 2 other very strong traditional celebrations: the New Year’s Eve, where the whole country eats 12 grapes at midnight to ensure a happy new year, and the coming of the Kings Magi on January 6. In France we eat the galette des rois, in Spain it is the day we present our gifts!

IMPRESSION ORIGINALE forêt de sapin en paper art sur fond noir

How do you wrap your Christmas gifts?

With a lot of love, of course! Whatever the gift, we say that it is the intention that counts, and this intention is reflected in every detail of the package: a pretty paper, a matching ribbon, a personalized label … Gift wrapping is enters in the larger understanding of paper art and techniques of folding paper, which I know well!


Do you prefer a ribbon or a bow?

I would go for the ribbon, I like it a lot when it contrasts with the wrapping paper underneath.

Okay, a satin or organza ribbon?

Joker… I have a big crush on velvet! It’s the perfect winter fabric, such a smart look!

IMPRESSION ORIGINALE petite maison en paper art présenté dans la main

What would you ask?

In order of priority: replace chard with cakes, stop wars and preserve the planet, for real!

IMPRESSION ORIGINALE rentrée des classes en paper art sur fond bleu marine

Photo credits @Benoitphoto for Impression Originale

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Elsa's favorite quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams``. Much to be optimistic about according to Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, isn't it?






Workshop: Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova 1024 683 Mathilde Habert

Workshop: Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova

<>Intuition born from paper
from Slovakia to Ireland

Nice to meet you Miriam. Who are you?

Hi, I am a self-taught visual artist using paper as my medium. Originally from Slovakia currently living in Ireland. I have always been a creative person with many hobbies in my life. I stumbled across paper art quilling in 2015 and fell in love with it, more like addicted to it. I find it very therapeutic how the paper shapes and come to life.

You are currently living in Corlea, in Ireland. How did you end up there?

I met my Irish husband in the USA while working in summer camps and we traveled together a lot. After my university degree, we decided to find jobs in Ireland. At first, we stayed with my brother in law but not long we found this little traditional stone cottage and it was meant to be. Without even reviewing the house from inside we agreed on the sale. I just love the feeling of rural area and cottage itself.

Do you happen to be home sick? What do you miss most from Slovakia?

Very easy, my home mountains The High Tatras. In Ireland there is only hills (which they call mountains, they are nice but to me too small) and nice cold dry winter season with snow and skiing, skating, snow ball fighting and all sorts of winter fun.

Meet Miriam


Dobrý deň !

“My ideal world is blue, calming and timeless…”

Impression_Originale_itw_Miriam_Map of Ireland
Impression_Originale_itw_Miriam_Pixels - WIP
Impression_Originale_itw_Miriam_Map Of The World

Can you tell us how you use today your skills-set into your current artistic creation?

At university, I always enjoyed building models. There will be 3D models of architecture or furniture and most common materials for student was mostly paper. I can see now it never left me. Perhaps therefore paper quilling appeal to me and now some of my work its like little paper cities your eyes can travel through…

How is paper so special to you?

Paper is always around us, its easy accessible and affordable to experiment. Over the time you start understanding different texture and thickness and start to appreciate it. Many times, it’s the paper itself that inspires me, and I do respect it. Mostly there are no sketches, I just follow intuition.

Impression_Originale_itw_Miriam_Rainbow Mandalas

What do you see from your window / desk? What do you hear? What do you smell?

I see my whole world – my garden, my kids playing in the playground, my dogs and lovely neighbors’ horses and cows. I hear nature, birds signing, horse neighing, kids screaming, dogs barking and tractors … smell, usually whatever is in blossom, sometimes its farmers spreading slurry (country smell).

Impression_Originale_itw_Miriam_workspace 01

Are you an animal lover?

I love Rottweilers, we used to have 2 – Woody and Misty, now we have 1 female – Zola and we have also small noisy companion – Dusty. And we do have a cat – Rainbow which is a necessity if you are living in the open countryside.


Tell us about one that represented a milestone

I dream of a giant installation on the wall over the reception desk of a well-known hotel or office…

Impression_Originale_itw_Miriam_trim instalation 01

Must be my 1st group exhibition with Meath’s Art Group in Building of Public Office in Trim. It was first time I really realize how my work looks in nice exhibition space. I created my 2 most favourite pieces (so far) for this exhibition, ‘Bloom’ and ‘Pixels’. They represent what kind of work I really like to do and developed further.


An afternoon with Miriam in her workshop

For me “paper” echoes with… a white big space calling for action…

A few weeks ago, I got opportunity to work on your beautiful luxury wrapping paper. I had the chance to feel this quality wrapping paper and created lovely piece … So follow my lead for a step-by-step tutorial!

Step #1

I cut the strip from wrapping paper and then I cut them into curve shapes using blades and designed template from the card paper.


Step #2

I create small and big circle from white card paper as my boundaries and glued to the bottom base. Following by gluing each strip of wrapping paper in between these circles. As gluing each piece, I hold them in gentle curve.

Step #3

Following a gentle curve, I keep gluing each strip until I return to the starting point and strips joined into the swirl.


Step #4

I cut off areas around circle inside and outside… And voilà!


If paper was an emotion, which one would you be?

Surprise – I got full set of grey shades papers. Until I started cutting them into strips I realize they are white inside and it lead me to whole new body of work.


Photo credits @Ana Dorado

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My favorite artist in the entire world: Bridget Riley. I admire her simplicity and perfection of op-art work she creates, I think she is ahead of time with her patterns and designs. Her work is timeless and always in fashion.




Impression_Originale_itw_Miriam_MIRIAM FITZGERALD JUSKOVA1 (1)


Workshop: Pippa Dyrlaga 1024 886 Mathilde Habert
Impression Originale interview with Pippa holding a cherry blossom paper cut out

Workshop: Pippa Dyrlaga

<>Paper Wonders
made in Yorkshire
Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_hummingbird photo prep

Nice to meet you Pippa. Tell us a little bit about you.

I am an artist based in Yorkshire, England.

I use single sheets of paper to create contemporary artworks using traditional paper cutting techniques. My work is inspired by nature and the things I encounter around me.

I first started paper cutting in around 2009/2010 whilst I was studying and fell in love with the simple medium I have worked with since.

Meet Pippa

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_Working profile image

Hi there!

“My dream world: calm and colourful “

The Commission of my Dreams

“I would love to do a huge tapestry style piece filled with all the beautiful natural things in the world.”

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_Riverside II .
Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_owl arms 2
Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_in progress. removed pieces

What are you exactly?

I refer to myself as an artist. Most of the time a paper artist, but also as a printmaker.

I think I have always thought of my work as being in a different world though. To me they all have life and movement and exist somewhere. I am simply trying to capture a frozen moment of that.

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/GqaGaqCcJaE” align=”center”]

Where is home?

I moved to Hebden in 2014, after living in the City of Leeds.

I am from Mirfield, originally (the same place Patrick Stewart is from!) Its is close by so I already knew it, but after getting disillusioned with life in a city, the draw of a beautiful place with a well know creative community was really inviting for me. I love it here.

I work from home and sit next to a window with a beautiful view of the valley, and my dog at my feet. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

Getting up early is the secret

My typical day can vary, but mainly consists of being in my studio working on current projects. It is quite labour intensive with long periods of sitting at my desk, so I try and break the day up with admin tasks and other bits and bobs!

I get up early, and so my work day starts at around 8am, and can sometimes go until 10pm (with breaks of course!) I am lucky that I get to do something I enjoy so much so it’s as much a pleasure for me as it is work.

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_me working

WINDOW HANGINGS PAPER CUT [Commission], Pippa Dyrlaga.


What is your relationship to paper?

At first, paper was just a material to get what I needed done. Then it became quite a good choice because of the availability of the material as I was studying at the time. After a short while, I started to appreciate the material itself, its simplicity and varied types. Now it’s something I really love. I am a paper nerd. I love how different it can be and love to experiment with different types.

I recently started looking into more sustainable papers, and came across Japanese washi papers, which are both light as a feather and strong and I love working with it. It’s such a simple, every day material, but what it’s used for can both be thrown away and revered, it’s interwoven into history. I could go on and on.


If I say ``paper``, what first comes to your mind?

Half finished pieces of work laying out on my desk, stacks of clean fresh paper waiting to be turned into something, handwritten notes and stacks of books. So more of a place filled with paper!

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_biophilia I no hands

HEART OF SPRING, Pippa Dyrlaga.


What do you see, hear and smell?

The window is right next to the left hand side of my desk and outside is a lovely view of the valley I live in, and lots of trees. There are always lots of birds around and faint noises from the town. I usually have some music playing in the background, something nice and calm!

I can also usually hear my dog snoring away by my feet somewhere.

My favourite smell is in the winter, when the town has a lingering smell of wood burning stoves in the air, I wish I could sit with my window open!

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_studio 1

IN MY OFFICE, Pippa Dyrlaga.


Tell us about a commission that was really special to you

It wasn’t technically a commission, but I worked with a local gallery to produce an original and edition of prints to fundraise following the terrorist attack in Manchester last year. We sold them all and raised a nice sum for a local charity that works with children, and were working with the kids and families that were directly and indirectly affected by the events.

It’s almost exactly a year ago now so it is nice to look back and think that I made even a small amount of difference.


Walk us through the artwork you developped with us

Step #1

So I chose the paper from Impression Originale Collection “On the Bird’s wing” for my piece. The first thing I did was to research the artist, Eugène Séguy, that the paper was inspired by!

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_first sketch

Step #2

After this, I have to select the paper I will use. I chose my favourite paper to work on, which is a 36gsm washi paper from Japan. It is so incredibly light and thin but very strong and perfect for fine details.

The work is quite symmetrical with two birds touching beaks in the air, so I first drew a rough outline of the composition. This is always just a basic outline as I add detail in as I am working.

Step #3

Once the layout was decided, I cut out the most detailed sections first, so started with the wings. They are all slightly different. This can take a while and I cut out each feather individually.

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_close up
Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_in progress tail detail

Step #4

Once the wings are completed, I move on to the tails. I added small details into the wings and body that are inspired by the random geometric shapes in the bird wings of the original design. Its very labour intensive, each piece is very small and can be less than a millimetre thick. I use an incredibly sharp blade, and change them frequently to keep the sharp tip I need.

Step #5

After all details have been cut out, its time to cut it free from the paper. This one will be very delicate as the two birds are only connected by the tips of their beaks, so it takes a lot of care and delicate handling once it is removed.

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_bird heads

If shapes and curves were emotions, which one would you be?

A circle. Emotions come and go, they are cyclical. You can’t have the same emotions all the time, but you will have them again. People aren’t meant to feel the same way all of the time.

Share a little secret...

I am 34 years old and I haven’t learnt to drive yet because it makes me so nervous!

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_bird tail detail
Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_birds 4
Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_birds floral 7
Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_birds floral 3

ON THE BIRD’S WING  [Collaboration with IMPRESSION ORIGINALE], Pippa Dyrlaga.

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Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_Sinking II


Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_Working profile image

Print Shop

Impression_Originale_itw_Pippa_Riverside I 2017
Workshop: Judith+Rolfe 1024 630 Mathilde Habert

Workshop: Judith+Rolfe

<>Paper Architecture
made in the USA

Nice to meet you Judith & Rolfe. Who are you?

We are JUDiTH+ROLFE, 30-something creative types who happen to be married.

We are both designers / architects who originally met in New York, but are currently living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We like modern, simple design and enjoy making things, the current material of choice being paper. Judith creates all of the contemporary paper-art, while Rolfe is the problem-solver, providing constructive criticism and brainstorming new ideas. We are still experimenting with the medium, trying out different ideas, and obviously don’t take ourselves too seriously.

When Judith isn’t playing with paper, you can find her baking in the kitchen. Judith has a wicked sweet tooth; Rolfe has a wicked sense of humour. Strangers on the street often stop Rolfe, mistaking him for someone famous (which he is not).

judithrolfe_portrait_IMPRESSION ORIGINALE


“Our home office / studio space is in a quiet residential neighbourhood. Looking out the window, we currently see icicles and lots of snow!”


If you could change one thing in the world.

One. What would it be?

World peace. *rolls eyes* And all baked goods would be slightly under-baked, says Rolfe.


PRUNUS SERRULATA [Cherry Blossom], quilling paper, unmounted.


How did you start your adventure with paper architecture?

We first started making art for our friends and family. Thoughtful and personalized baby gifts are hard to come by, so Judith decided to hand-make custom name pieces out of paper. Why paper? Because it is a material that is readily available and easy to work with. Those early works were primarily made out of tightly rolled coils of quilling paper, and Judith realized she really enjoyed the meditative process of rolling paper, and thus a passion was born. We got a really positive response when we put our stuff out there for the world (via Instagram and Pinterest), and so decided to keep going!


Introduce us to your favourite artwork, why is it so special?

Having to pick a favourite piece is like asking someone to choose their favourite child, it’s impossible to do.

They each have their merits (and faults), and are special in their own way. The creation of each piece is always a learning experience, and more ideas are continually being generated.

“Rolfe likes the flowers and constellation pieces the best, if forced to choose.

He’s admittedly obsessed with anything space related.”


PAREIDOLIA II, quilling paper on cardstock.

Behind the scene

Walk us through one of your artworks: the snowflake!

Tools required: Cutting mat, sharp hobby blade, ruler, glue, and tweezers.

Optional but highly recommended: Patience, and your beverage of choice (a cup of tea is Judith’s preference).

Step #1: Decide which one of the beautiful wrapping papers to use. Since the design was to be a snowflake, we chose a wrap with a mostly white background and pops of colour (Before the Pixels by Elizabeth Olwen).

Step #1


Step #2: Cut the wrapping paper into strips, score and fold in half lengthwise, then glue the back sides together to create double-sided strips.

Step #2


Step #3: Carefully measure out each segment of the triangle shape, cut and/or fold and glue. Tweezers are handy for this step, since it can be finicky to work with such small pieces of paper.

Step #3


Step #4: Using a sharp blade, cut the geometric pattern out of white cardstock.

Step #4


Step #5: Adhere each triangle piece to the cardstock, et voilà, a completed snowflake.

Step #5

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