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Workshop: The Pineapple Chef 660 1024 Mathilde Habert
Interview_Impression_Originale_thepineapplechef_Journal_Photo qui a tout changé

Workshop: The Pineapple Chef

<>Stylist & food photographer
A yummi job

Nice to meet you Elise. Who are you?

My name is Elise and I have been a stylist and food photographer for 6 years now. I’m also a visual merchandiser so I am passionate about images and visual details.

I started my blog because of food intolerances as I wanted to share my knowledge and since then, never stopped photographing my dishes, the ingredients and everything linked to a culinary experience.

I am a huge fan of our national savoir-faire, authentic, seasonal and high-quality products.

So you have 2 jobs?

Yes, you can say that. I’m still a visual merchandiser for luxury maisons and I keep on running after time to fulfill those two lives. I’m in charge of product scenography in boutiques and windows, of window concepts as well as in-store scent, plants and flowers, music…

The link with food styling and photography is quite obvious: I use the same rules of display and color presentation on a large scale (for ready to wear and leather goods) and adapt those to a smaller scale.

What is the most photogenic food?

Meet Elise


Aka the Pineapplechef

“Right now, I am focusing all my energy on culinary art.”


Red berries are incredibly easy to shoot. Because of their textures, colors and small sizes.


Macarons are also great thanks to their colors and geometrical shapes.


Can you tell us how you go about a photoshoot?

Preparation is key. I always start from a brief whether I work with a client or on a project with other photographers.

I search for inspiration around that brief then I draw (ugly) sketches on a notebook to have my guideline.

As I have been this visual merchandising job for more than 15 years now, I quickly have the image of the final rendering in my head. I can of course change my mind during the shooting and come up with a better idea (sometimes, so great pictures happen by accident!), but the idea of the shoot is already clear in my head.

Then, I look for great props like the proper background, plates etc…which suit my idea and off I go !

Interview_Impression_Originale_thepineapplechef_Journal_Coup de coeur 3

You make food look like art: how do you see it?

The more I shoot, the more I am in awe with the ingredients beauty. Colors and textures. More than a nice picture or a good recipe, I want to tell a story and the palette of emotions that food can bring.

I want to talk about traditions, forgotten ingredients and traditions, food stories from far away like stories from my country where we have such a precious and unrivaled savoir faire.

And for a while now, I have been quite obsessed with flowers and greenery which goes so well with food.


Where does inspiration come from?

Everything can serve as an inspiration. Instagram, Pinterest but also a great exhibition or a book or even a market visit. One magnificent ingredient can be the starting point of everything.

A good picture to me is the one which ‘tells a story’, whether it was a completely staged or ‘in the moment’.

For a portrait (like the ones I shoot with the pastry chefs for example), a successful pic is when you can see his/ her goodness, his/her craziness… his/her soul!

In action_ImpressionOriginale_interview_thepineapplechef

How different is it to shoot paper and ribbons from food?

To shoot wrapping paper is no different: the subject changes but the mix of textures, sizes, objet set up and focus, the light, the attention to details are the same.

The challenge was to make it even more beautiful than it was and not have the decor be too overwhelming.

The product needs to be the ‘hero’, the decor is here to emphasize it.



Elise has agreed to a collaboration with us, at Impression Originale, to shoot her own interpretation of the 4 seasons with our gift wraps.


Impression Originale gifts and sublime flowers bouquet on black background






A balance diet is at the center of your work. So, surprise us, what is on the menu tonight?

A simple, healthy, authentic and seasonal cuisine. Less processed food.

Use our good common sense by buying simple products to make a good soup instead of buying one (cheaper too). I work non-stop and I am a mummy too with dinners to prepare and yet I manage to do ok: all you need is some organization.

[vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”6752,6740,6746,6764,6768,6758,6742,6744″ img_size=”medium” onclick=”img_link_large” css=”.vc_custom_1533646242355{margin-right: -160px !important;margin-left: -15px !important;}”]

Your favorite indulgence?

‘Leccese’ coffee that I’ve discovered this summer in Puglia in Italy : coffee served with an almond syrup, ice cubes and some lemon zest.

Interview_Impression_Originale_thepineapplechef_Journal_Portrait 2

Your favorite food - ever?

The question is too hard, I love so many things like risotto, pasta, parmigiano, crackers, cantaloupe, apricots, cherries, granola…

Make a wish

Save the bees ! Whithout them, we won’t be here for long.

Interview_Impression_Originale_thepineapplechef_Journal_bees 1
Want more?

Join the world of Elise

For culinary art, without a doubt, my muse is Donna Hay.




the-pineapple-chef-home-2_logo IMPRESSION ORIGINALE


Interview_Impression_Originale_thepineapplechef_Journal_bees 1
Meet an expert: The art of Colours 1024 589 Mathilde Habert

Meet an expert: The art of Colours

<>Meet the Expert
From textile to colours
Impression_originale_itw_New reality-aged with beauty_DLK

Nice to meet you Dorte. Who are you?

I am a designer and a story-teller. I am currently holing the post of Vice-Chairman at the Danish Color Board. I have a good share of professional experience behing me, including in the luxury design industry. I graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK).

I love to catch the moment with my camera and share it with others. I am curious about who we are and why we act as we do as human beings.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a mother of two lovely girls and I believe that life is too short to fool around doing things you do not like. I see the world as a global amazing playground, colourful and inspiring.

Meet Dorte


About me

“I was educated as a tailor and a textile designer. The colours, shapes and materials have been at the centre of my attention, always.”

Impression_originale_itw_transparent and fluffy_DLK

Sounds amazing, tell us more!

After years of working as a textile designer, I realised that colours were an essential aspect of the creation. They can structure a collection and makes the whole difference. My vision has expanded with story telling through art photography. Being able to catch the moment where the light, the shadow, and the colours come together in a perfect harmony is so powerful. I capture these moments to make sure they remain as memory and a source of inspiration – that is what I call, “the power of colours”.

I see it as an overall headline, as if colours and light would combine and tell a story. Why not listen when it is all around us? I work hard to reach the perfect harmonies with colours. When I find the “perfect” combination, it clicks and everything makes sense. It is so satisfying. With my camera, I catch moments of colours and light combinations, which I later use to translate into colour stories. This is my mission in life.


HOW I TELL A STORY [Photography by Dorte Lenau Klint]


What is your earliest memory on colours?

Growing up with three siblings, colours were given to my brothers and me from our parents, in order to avoid arguments.

We were associated with a specific colour, which were then tagged on our towels, toothbrush, mugs etc. My colour was red, as I was the only girl. But even then my favourite colour was blue.


MY FAVORITE SEAWEED [Photography by Dorte Lenau Klint]

I have a very strong second memory. When I was about 5 years old, my mother had the most beautiful dress made by a tailor. I remember very clearly looking through the material and colour books from Paris, fascinated by all the colours.

My childhood was all about colours and storytelling. My mother had a thing with weekdays and colours; such as Monday was blue, Wednesday was yellow and so forth. Just the thought that colours could be more than just a colour fascinated me, even though I did not understand it.


How have colours influenced your life?

It feels like a natural thing. Colours are everywhere; from the symphony of colours you get while cooking, the colours in my own home and what I choose to wear. Colours have the power to express a mood and influence you experience life itself.

Colours are essential in my private as well as in my professional spheres. I have been forever obsessed with the coordination and play of colours, and how they express themselves apart, and together. As long as I can remember it has always been at the centre of my focus. At school I coordinated the colours of my cloth everyday. Regardless of the colours itself, my focus was always on the story I was trying to tell through the colour combination. At 12, I decided to dress like the French flag, so I choose clothes in red, blue and white. Voila!


SKY IS THE LIMIT [Photography by Dorte Lenau Klint]


SHADES OF RED [Photography by Dorte Lenau Klint]


THE COLOUR PALETTE OF NATURE [Photography by Dorte Lenau Klint]


Do you think there are cultural aspects to colours?

If a colour had a voice what would it say? It all depends on the eyes of the beholder – so yes, I do believe that there is a cultural aspect to colours as well as language and attitudes.

Our history and traditions affect our choices. There is a predetermination in which will be your favourite colour and it’s meaning to you depending on where you were raised.

Living in Denmark, gave me a strong attraction to the cold colour palette, which have greatly influenced the way I décor my home and my personal taste.

However, traveling South, East and West inspires me to look at colour combination in a different way. I let the space for new palettes in my perception of the world.


On your work journey, how did you become a specialist in colours?

“Colours not only express your mood but they can amplify your message.”


I was educated as a tailor and a textile designer. The colours, shapes and materials have been at the centre of my attention, always. I consider that originality and creativity take life through craftsmanship.

My fascination for colours combination really came in the forefront after I lived in Paris in France and Bologna in Italia.

I realise how you can tell so much when mixing the right colours shades together and how hues are a reflection of the world around us. Colours not only express your mood but they can amplify your message.


Do you think it makes senses to be asked what your favourite colour is?

Yes it does. I think we have seasonal favourites, which come and go. And, deeply rooted, we have a constant favourite colour. So yes, it totally makes sense.

For me, blue is not just blue. It is a colour that gives light and casts shadows, that is why this colour is so essential to me.


What is the Danish Colour Board?

DCB is a non-profit organisation for professional colour enthusiasts – we meet twice a year to create our colour forecast two years ahead. DCB is a member of Intercolour (intercolour.nu) that was established in Paris in 1963. Sixteen countries come together and exchange about colours. Members originate from very different fields: from textile designers to anthropologists, interior decorators, trend forecasters, graphic designers and architects. Together we reach consortium and we have fun while doing it.


[William LaChance]


When it comes to colours, who are your favourite artists?

The old colour palette from wallpaper from the 50s has always fascinated me. The hues are deep and remind me of how craftsmanship was all about handmade original creations.

Besides this, I am a huge fan of William Turner for his blending of colours, Carsten Frank for the energy of his blurred tones, and William LaChance for his colour blocking and the naivety, which stems from it.

Want more?

Join the world of Dorte

“My mission in life: capture this perfect moment when colours and light fusion together”.



Her Bio


Side Project

How to: a Commission for Musée Rodin 1024 362 Mathilde Habert
Interview Interview Originale Emily Isabella Rodin

How to: a Commission for Musée Rodin

<>Behind the scenes
from the artist's perspective

Nice to meet you Emily. Who are you?

I’m an artist living in the countryside, north of New York City.

I’m in the process of building a three story studio with my husband, Paul Isabella, on our 15 acres. We like to collaborate on projects, small ones like building wooden miniatures to big ones like building our studio!

In my freetime, I like to play the ukulele (although, I’m not very good), cook with friends and hunt for treasures at flea markets. No I don’t speak French but I’m always trying to learn a little bit here and there. One of my best friends lives outside of Paris so I travel to France about once a year and the more I visit, the better my French becomes.

Meet Emily

About me

“I studied textile design and currently design and illustrate for a number of different applications like books, fabric, wallpaper, clothing, packaging, rugs, upholstery, toys and paper goods.”

My ideal world

“A world without fear.”

Impression Originale emilyi sabella beginning pattern
Impression Originale emily isabella painting
Impression Originale emily isabella studio wall
Impression Originale emily isabella sketchbook

Present us your typical day. Tell us what makes for you a day out of the ordinary.

I usually get up, make coffee and a simple breakfast and I work all day.

My work is very enjoyable so this isn’t a bad thing for me. In the evenings, I go for a jog, cook dinner, play music and read or maybe watch a movie. The last movie I watched was Blow Up directed by Michelangelo Antonioni – so good. I have ideas for some illustrations based on stills from the film.

Sometimes I leave the house to visit friends, or go to a ballet class – those are the days that are out of the ordinary. I have a hard time leaving my work sometimes.


We live at the base of the Catskill Mountains. My window looks out into the forest. There are trees outside my house that little birds really love. Hundreds of them nest in the trees right there and it sounds like something out of a fairytale.

It smells good here!

Right now I’m burning cedar incense so it smells like I’m in a little indoor forest.


Impression Originale commissioned you to work on a project with the Musée Rodin in Paris.

How did you go about this commission?

For me, a soft pencil captures the best of my ideas. Once I am ready to solidify the ideas, I typically use gouache. The Musée Rodin wanted the sculptures to be accurately represented but still very stylized. I think layering linework over graphic shapes helped bring that request to life.

I haven’t visited the museum. Last time I was in Paris is was next on our list but we didn’t make it there so on my next trip it will definitely be at the top. I love the softness of Camille Claudel’s work. Although she was often compared to Rodin, she had her own voice. She did have a sad story – I’m sure it was hard to receive recognition as a female artist back then.

Gift Pocket Musée Rodin Commission Impression Originale

SURPRISE GIFT BAG [Original Design Emily Isabella for Impression Originale], distributed by Musée Rodin in Paris.


You are American.

Can you tell us what France represents to you – artistically speaking?

In a way, I feel most at home in France.

I spent a semester abroad in Provence when I was 21 and those days are some of my most cherished. I think I really found my artistic voice in France and things clicked for me there. My favorite art lives in the Museé d’Orsay. Vuillard is my favorite artist and Toulouse Lautrec is a close second. There is a room on the first floor that houses two of my favorite pieces by these artists and I wish I could live there.


How would you like to be called (referred to) as a professional?

“I just make things because I have a compulsive need to create.”


I guess the easy way to describe my profession is “artist”. I am always exploring new mediums and applications for my work. I consider myself a designer but also an illustrator. Somedays I do more textile design than illustration and other days it’s the opposite. But mainly, I just make things because I have a compulsive need to create.


Tell us about other special commissions

I recently designed a tea set for kids! I loved that sort of thing when I was little so it was exciting to think about how my childhood self would have been so excited.

A Stranger's Coat

A stranger asked me to paint her coat. It was such a pretty coat, I was happy to do it!


Trinket Boxes

I designed these trinket boxes for Anthropologie.

Oh Jane

I saw Jane Birkin sing at Carnegie Hall. It was a very special night so I made sure to bring my sketchbook.


Kate Spade!

This artwork was done for Kate Spade.

Everyone Loves New York

This illustration of the Met in NYC was done for a book called Everyone Loves New York.


If colours and brushes were emotions, which one(s) would you be?

Content blushy rose, snappy vermillion, and a fresh smalt blue – I’m a smaller brush – squirrel hair size 2.

Want more?

Join the world of Emily

It’s a secret: Emily likes to eat gummy bears in the winter – but only few each day.



Her Bio



Illustrated Interview: Aiko FUKAWA 1024 449 Mathilde Habert
Aiko Fukawa goûter d'anniversaire wrap

Illustrated Interview: Aiko FUKAWA

<>Aiko Fukawa
Illustrated Interview

Silence is Golden

“Tell us everything about you, with a drawing (and a meow)”.

Aiko Fukawa cat impression originale

My Totem Animal, Aiko Fukawa.


What is your best memory, as a child?

Aiko Fukawa memory impression originale

Christmas morning, all my stuffed animals were lined up in the room, Aiko Fukawa.

Aiko Fukawa illustrator impression originale

As far as I can remember, I always drew!, Aiko Fukawa.


Why did you decide to become an illustrator?


Tell me your secret for success

Aiko Fukawa family impression originale

“Start your day early”, Aiko Fukawa.

Aiko Fukawa diversity impression originale

Accept and respect diversity, Aiko Fukawa.


What do you wish for future generations?


What are you doing to save the Earth?

Aiko Fukawa save the planet impression originale

Donate to animal rescue center + don’t ever buy fur!, Aiko Fukawa.


What is your favorite kind of food?

Aiko Fukawa cake impression originale

Cake, Aiko Fukawa.

Want more?

Join the world of Aiko Fukawa






Illustrated Interview: Kim Heeguym aka Mr. Fox 1024 1024 Mathilde Habert

Illustrated Interview: Kim Heeguym aka Mr. Fox

<>Kim aka Mr. Fox
Illustrated Interview

Silence is Golden

“Tell us everything about you, with a drawing (and a bark)”.

Kim Heeguym autoportrait Impression Originale

Self-portrait, Kim aka Mr. Fox.


You mentioned, you wanted to be a chef in another life.

Kim Heeguym lasagna Impression Originale

Lasagna!, Mr. Fox

Kim Heeguym Fry Impression Originale

Fry chewed my still-brand-new Apple Pencil, not it doesn’t work, Mr. Fox


The latest naughty invention of your dog, Fry?


If you could escape your physical form, what would you be, where would you go, and what would you do?

Kim Heeguym Deep Fish Impression Originale

“I wish I can be a deep sea fish with the lantern on my head, I would explore the bottom of the sea like in the Sponge Bob”, Mr. Fox

Kim Heeguym Deep Fun Impression Originale

“My dog, especially when he is flipped and sleeping”, Mr. Fox.


Something that makes you smile, each time, with no exception.


Your favourite kind of breakfast?

Kim Heeguym Deep Bagels Impression Originale

Bagel, Mr. Fox

Want more?

Join the world of Mr. Fox






Interview: Meet the Founders of IMPRESSION ORIGINALE 1024 720 Mathilde Habert

Interview: Meet the Founders of IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

<>Meet the Founders
Impression Originale wraps

IDEALIST: We love the original, colourful, and creative world of Impression Originale, can you tell us how it began?

I was inspired to approach the art of wrapping gifts in a novel and creative way, founded in ethical sustainability.

Claire and I give priority to creativity and we have no limits so, like most businesses, we had an idea and we’re growing with it.

Creative Beginnings


Welcome to our world!

With the aim to make a lasting impression, Mathilde Habert and Claire Commeau founded Impression Originale, offering exclusive luxury wrapping paper and couture bows and ribbons. A year on, with stockists such as the Conran Shop, Harvey Nichols, Château de Versailles and Paris department store Le Bon Marché, Mathilde tells us more.


IDEALIST: For someone new to your brand how would you best describe it?

What do you remember when you receive a gift?

For us it’s the emotion that you feel, the hidden message within in the gift, the time and care it beholds. We believe that true luxury is the attention to detail and the unique emotion you experience, which will stay with you long after the gift is gone. Our aim is to rethink the art of giving with our beautiful products.

Being Friendly with the Environment

IDEALIST: Can you explain your commitment to the environment and the art community.

Our business is built on good ethics with all products responsibly made in France using 100% recycled paper. Caring for the environment is about the different decisions we make everyday, such as where we source our paper and what kind of supplies we work with. We left nothing to chance. In parallel, we decided to give a crafty touch to our business, going back to a local approach in production whilst always keeping our eyes open for new inspirations and artists.


“we offer original designs, printed on 100% recycled paper made in France in a sustainable and ethical manner.”



We’d love to know your process of finding and collaborating with artists.

You would be surprised, the process is actually quite ad hoc. We select the artist by “coup de coeur” (roughly love at first sight for the designs), whether we like the style, the spirit or a particular design. We usually approach the artist (or get approached by artists) and if a specific design matches our collective artistic orientation, we agree to work on an original design. We work with the artist to best format it for our wrapping format and technical specifications and they sign each design. It’s a fun and very creative process.

100% Recycled I Ethical I Original Designs

IDEALIST: What sets your products apart form other gift wrap?

“Daring to be different”

170617_003_photo Benoit Martin

In a nutshell we would say that we offer original designs, printed on 100% recycled paper made in France in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Our wraps are on XL sheets, which are substantially larger than the current standard in the industry. We also use a mechanical printing process, which gives very deep and colourful prints and makes this glossy aspect. Each wrap is doubled-side printed with a grid to make sure you get this perfect cut and we suggest matching ready-to-use ribbons and bows to compliment each design wrap.

We also ask our designers to sign their artworks which we think is quite unique in the wrapping paper world. Our inspiration came from artists signing their artwork when they create luxury pieces such as a scarf for Hermès (Claire is coming from textile design so that explains a lot!). It’s a nice way to recognise the unique artistry that goes into each work.


IDEALIST: Are you able to tell us about any bespoke projects you have worked on?

With the Musée Rodin in Paris we have been asked to work on a surprise project. We have chosen one of our collaborative artists to develop a bespoke design based on the beautiful statues of Auguste Rodin and gave it a modern twist.

We feel very lucky to be able to work with these beautiful names and very inspiring places. We have also an on-going bespoke project with the Château de Versailles, where we have developed some commissioned designs based on the castle’s iconography. The designs are gorgeous and we cannot wait to see the final results in their boutiques next year!

From Seedling to Flowering

IDEALIST: How your business has grown?

We are just about a year old and are happy to see that our products have been well received as we are not only selling design wraps, we have a philosophy behind it, and I believe this makes the difference in our clients’ eyes. Our current stockists are: the Conran Shop, the Centre Pompidou, the Bon Marché, Harvey Nichols and we’d love to add other boutiques and museums to our list.

Atelier Cadeau Créateur Impression Originale
Workshop: Sarah Matthews 1024 362 Mathilde Habert

Workshop: Sarah Matthews

<>Paper Engineer
made in the UK

Nice to meet you Sarah. Who are you?

‘Paper Engineer’ would have been my dream job as a child, had I known of its existence.

Well, it would have been a close second after professional Ballerina anyway. I have been a maker for as long as I can remember, from my earliest memories folding origami penguins and cutting paper doll chains, to graduating from my Textile Surface Design Degree in 2011 with a graduate collection of paper jewellery, to now spending my days buried under paper in my studio in Nottingham, cutting, folding, gluing and interlocking to create innovative and playful paper designs.

Meet Sarah

About me

“I am a design-enthusiast, sucker for good packaging design and self-proclaimed perfectionist, who loves to explore, wear stripes and nest when not in the studio.”

Interview_SarahMatthews_Giant Rose_IMPRESSIONORIGINALE
FROM 2D to 3D

How do you call what you do, as a professional?

When I’m asked what my job is, I say “Paper Engineer”. To me, this simply means a designer who transforms paper from 2D to 3D, by creating sculptures or pop-up mechanisms. Having said that, I would also describe myself as a papercut designer, as a significant amount of my work is also two dimensional, layered papercuts.

I design these papercuts on Illustrator, and send them to my plotter to cut (a machine similar to a laser cutter, but with a blade rather than a laser), before finishing the detailed cutting by hand with a scalpel as unfortunately my machine isn’t perfect and I always need to ‘tidy up’ the detail by hand.




Tell us how is your typical day going by.

What are the extraordinary things happening?

I was born in Sheffield but lived in London for the majority of my adult life so far, before moving to Nottingham last year. When I lived in London I was working full time in the product development department of a jewellery company, and doing my own work on the side. I had always wanted to try and do my own work full time but completely lacked the self-belief to take the plunge and go for it. When I lost my job due to my employer’s financial issues, I decided to take it as the push I needed to try and turn my ‘side-hustle’ into a full time job. As London is a really expensive place to live, I decided to move to Nottingham, where my mum lives, to save some money while I was taking the first steps to build up my business, which is why I’m here at the moment.

To be honest, I am so busy with work at the moment, and earlier this year I managed to buy my first home, which is in Sheffield, and all of my spare time is being spent working on the new house as I am renovating it before I move in, which is so exciting, but the downside is that I haven’t been able to get out and make the most of what’s going on in Nottingham while I’m here.

I can’t wait to move to Sheffield – hopefully it will be very soon now! I love Sheffield, it is where I was born, and is so vibrant, with loads of lovely independent shops, cafes and restaurants, and so much gorgeous green space.


PAPER SCULPTURES “Rooster” and the “Lobster hat” [Originals]


What is it like to be in your studio?

I like to listen to music while I work, particularly anything I can sing along to, and which makes me want to dance… My musical (not so) guilty pleasure is late nineties/early noughties hip hop and R&B. Sometimes it can get a little lonely being self-employed, so if the loneliness is getting to me I like to have films/TV on in the background so I am listening to people talk… I think in a strange way this makes me feel less like I am on my own.

I like to have a scented candle or diffuser out to make my working space feel calm, but nothing too strong as they can give me a headache! My favourites are fresh, herbal scents and I find Anthropologie is great place to find them.

Sadly I don’t have a little companion of my own yet, but I always had pets growing up and can’t wait to get a dog in the future. I’m obsessed with maltipoos and chow chows and am a total sucker for fluff. I follow so many dogs on instagram!


Paper is central to your work, can you explain why you choose this medium.

I studied Textile Surface Design at Buckinghamshire New University, but decided during my degree that I didn’t really enjoy the fabric ‘end result’ of my projects as much as I enjoyed the ‘paper-based’ sketchbook and paper maquette stage of my projects. Fortunately we were quite free to do what we wanted, so I ended up making a collection of printed and folded paper jewellery for my final collection. After graduating, I continued to experiment with paper as a hobby, but it has since turned into my full time job!

“I love paper: it is the most readily available, affordable and versatile material, with limitless possibilities.”


Present us your “copyright” creation. The one you are most proud of.

He took a really long time to make, but I was really happy with how he turned out!

I think I am most proud of the paper flamingo I made for GF Smith. I was challenged to pick my favourite colour and make something in that colour using their lovely papers. I chose pink and used it as an opportunity to make a flamingo which was something I had wanted to do for a while.


Now, close your eyes and tell us how an ideal world looks like to you.

Full of colour and happiness, and the perfect balance of nature and design.


Walk us through one of your artworks you developed in collaboration with us!

First, I designed the shapes on Illustrator, before sending them to my plotter to cut out. I cut the teepee shape out of both wrapping paper and normal paper, so I could back the wrapping paper with the normal paper to add strength. I then glued the wrapping paper to the normal paper, and scored where I would need to fold.

I then folded along all of the score lines. I then added some gold paper behind the door. I trimmed down the bamboo sticks to size and threaded them through the cuts in the paper, then lifted up each side of the tent to check they met perfectly at the top.

I then tied some beads and feathers to the top of the front face, and finally tied the four bamboo sticks together at the top.

Step #1


Step #2

Step #3


Step #4


If shapes and curves were emotions, which one would you be?

That is such a hard question! Visually, I love angular, geometric shapes, but I think if my personality was a shape it would be much softer, but still symmetrical, so perhaps a circle… I would describe myself as soft, patient, compassionate and a bit of a perfectionist, so I think ‘soft but symmetrical’ sums me up pretty well.

Want more?

Join the world of Sarah

“I have already picked out my future dog’s name – ‘Crayon’! People seem to either think it’s the cutest name or the most ridiculous name!”


miniatures contact Sarah Matthews




Interview_SarahMatthews_Bright Geometric Shapes_IMPRESSIONORIGINALE
Illustrated Interview: Black Lamb Studio 791 1024 Mathilde Habert

Illustrated Interview: Black Lamb Studio

<>Black Lamb Studio
Illustrated Interview

Silence is Golden

“Tell us everything about you, with a drawing (and a smile)”.


Self-portrait, Isabel Serna aka Black Lamb Studio.


Who is the real love of your life?

Isabel_SERNA_my frenchie Charlie IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

My frenchie Charlie, Black Lamb Studio.

Isabel_SERNA_Get that blue hair you always wanted IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

Get that blue hair you always wanted!, Black Lamb Studio.


What would your old me tell your young me?


What are you always-ALWAYS wearing?


Jeans and a t-shirt, Black Lamb Studio.

Isabel_SERNA_Night time in my studio IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

Night time in my studio, Black Lamb Studio.


Best moment of your day?


What is the most important thing in your world?


Love, Black Lamb Studio.


Best advise you have ever received?


You are awesome, Black Lamb Studio.


What is the easiest way to your heart?

Flower Bouquet, Black Lamb Studio.

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Isabel Serna interview IMPRESSION ORIGINALE designer profile office




Isabel_SERNA_interview_ImpressionOriginale_IMG_1348 3A
Illustrated Interview: Sarah Betz 800 701 Mathilde Habert

Illustrated Interview: Sarah Betz

<>Sarah Betz
Illustrated Interview

Silence is Golden

“Tell us everything about you, with a drawing (and a smile)”.

interview Impression Originale question 1

Self-portrait, Sarah Betz aka Little Cube.


Your environment is very much revolving around animals. Small and big. Could you please take us to your Noah's Ark?

Noah’s Friends, Sarah Betz.

interview IO question 4 Teatime

It’s TEA time, Sarah Betz.


What is your favorite daily moment? What does it say about you?


When a baby penguin meets a baby

chimpanzee in an oasis in the middle of the desert...

What can they do together?

interview Impression Originale question 7 banana ice

Banana Ice Cream, Sarah Betz.


What do you need to feel at home?

Home, Sarah Betz.

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Little Cube Sarah Betz IMPRESSION ORIGINALE interview


All our wonderful artists sign their wraps
Illustrated Interview: Jeannie Phan 875 1024 Mathilde Habert
The Garden of Eden Jeannie Phan IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

Illustrated Interview: Jeannie Phan

<>Jeannie Phan
Illustrated Interview

Silence is Golden

“Tell us everything about you, with a drawing”.

Self-portrait Jeannie Phan IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

Self-portrait, Jeannie Phan.


What do you need to feel at home?

Question-6 Home is Jeannie Phan IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

Home, Jeannie Phan.

The Garden of Eden Jeannie Phan IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

Eden, Jeannie Phan.


In another life you could be a horticulturalist or a microbiologist. What would your Garden of Eden look like?


The felines can be the best companions in the world…

and the naughtiest ones at times!

Tell us a funny story with your cat.

Question-3 Cat lover Jeannie Phan IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

2am, feeding the cat (?), Jeannie Phan.


We are in 2080: what would you advise to the « you » of today?

Question-8 2080 Jeannie Phan IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

2080, Jeannie Phan.

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Jeannie Phan Portrait IMPRESSION ORIGINALE interview


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Jeannie Phan
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