Uniquely designed luxury Gift Wrapping Papers printed on quality recycled paper, sent to you nicely rolled from France.

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The Gift Wrapping Paper that’s much more than just a wrap



The gift wrap is the start of the inspiration. A design that catches our eyes as much as our hearts. The gift wrap encapsulates the attention provided to the recipient. A sublime gift wrap goes beyond the gift-giving. It’s a token of love. Impression Originale sales online a large collection of gift wrapping paper designed by artists who get retributed on each sale. The gift wrapping paper is not only beautiful but carries meaning: it is ethical and printed with responsible inks on 100% recycled paper. Not to spoil anything, they are made in Angers, France, to support our beautiful regional economy.

Original Impression gift wraps enhance the experience of gift giving. More than just a gift, it’s an experience you create. An emotion that lasts. Why? The time you devote to take care of your gift wrap is a testament of your care. You can buy gift wrap online, in large XL and XXL size for all occasions. Do you have a special occasion? You will find the wrapping paper you are looking for. If you are a DIY aficionado, you can learn how to make gift packages yourself with our step-by-step video tutorials. Don’t be shy, we have all sorts of levels.

Impression Originale has been re-enchanting the luxury gift wrapping since 2016, offering for sale unique gift wrapping papers, ribbons and handmade bows to enhance the gifting experience. The finishing details on the gift such as a beautiful personalized labels on weddings or birthdays always leave us in awe! We recommend pairing the wrapping paper with a ribbon or bow whose color matches the designs on the gift wrap or tone-on-tone with the ribbon. You can buy all the elements of your choice for a stunning gift that will be welcomed with emotion. We believe in the power of aesthetics.

At the Origin of Impression Originale

Our founder Mathilde strives to tell us that if you decide to do something you shouldn’t do it halfway. Do it all, or don’t do it. We hear it everytime we hesitate between two colors or when we doubt a detail in a pattern with one of our artists. With her humanitarian and diplomatic background, she made a 180° turn by creating Impression Originale. After more than 10 years spent traveling the world, she returned to France. Direction Angers, her hometown, where she decides to set up her business and centralize her production there to contribute to the dynamism of the regions of France. The challenge is immense to become an international reference. “I had this visceral need to dare to launch my business by building on all my previous experience to offer at my modest scale a new and responsible company, not only for the environment but also in the quality of the products and the sincerity of the human exchanges we create. ”

Impression Originale is a simple desire that is based on a double ambition: to preserve French know-how by offering an experience around the gift that does not yet exist anywhere else.

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