Our ribbons are made in France and used for haute-couture. We propose them to bring some spark to your gifts. Available in 2.5m long, neatly folded.

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Gift Ribbons, for exquisite gifts

Gift Ribbon

Hold your breath for a few moments as the gift ribbon unfolds with gracefulness. When the ribbon unties and comes to reveal the present thus undressed, it is a series of small, tighter pulsations that resound in us. Impression Originale gift wrapping ribbons are an essential part of the Wrapping Ceremony. The ribbons are essential to give the final touch, the flair of madness or of ultimate elegance. Everyone’s choice.

Impression Originale sells online the most exquisite satin ribbons, velvet ribbons, taffeta ribbons, organza ribbons in all colors and sizes. We have completed the ribbons collection with cord ribbons and string ribbons for more masculine and assertive looks.

A pretty ribbon is for Impression Originale the quintessence of the luxury gift package. It reveals the colors of the patterns of the gift wrap. You can buy the gift ribbon of your choice online for a perfect effect for the gift of your dreams. In our creative process, we start designing the pattern for the gift wrap paper, only then we take the ribbons and our color palette to find the most beautiful combination of color and material. We are dedicated to bringing to you the most exquisite gifting experience.

Our best-paired of gift wraps and gift ribbons offer you a pre-selection of the most beautiful combinations. Impression Originale curated a selection of the best-paired ribbons and gift wrap to help you choose from. You can buy different sizes of gift ribbons online to make a size contrast effect with our small gift box, for example. If you are an aficionado of pretty ribbons and DIY you can learn to bring to live beautiful bows yourself with our step-by-step video tutorials.

You can buy online your favorite gift ribbon for an ever-perfect effect for the present of your dreams.

When the art of gifting has a new name…

Let’s talk about ribbon

We have listed below the main vocabulary you need to know to understand the delicate world of gift ribbon to wrap your most extraordinary gifts:

The ribbon: is an ornament of fabric, flat and narrow. It can be of many materials: cotton, satin, or synthetic fibers. We are exclusively sourcing our ribbons from France for the best quality. We are privileged in France to have retained home some century-old manufacturers of ribbons. Impression Originale systematically sources all the products of their collection in France to contribute to a more conscious and responsible society.

The standing part: is the end of the ribbon which is used to form the knot or the bow. It is to be opposed to the frame which constitutes the fixed base.

The loop: is the name given to a portion of the curved ribbon when one of the two ends of a bow is brought back on itself through the knot, without being crossed by another end or loop.

The elbow: is a twist of the ribbon under itself.

The tail (also called the “working end”, or the “running end“, “live end“, or “tag end“):  is the long end extension of the bow, it is usually loose and the running ends fall most of the time symmetrically.

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